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Reading Korean Consonants and Vowels using this homemade A-Z Chart! 

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    In order to read Korean Consonants and Vowels; start by organizing Korean Consonants and Vowels in corresponding A-Z.
Phonetically "A" in Korean is usally "AH" Sounding. ㅍ P    ㅕ(Yuh)yeo     ㅇng ( aka Puh-ng)  Chㅊ     aㅏ(ah)     ng (ㅇ= ng) (aka Chah ng) = 


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    A-Z Chart listing corresponding Korean Consonants and Vowels :: Coreanglish A-Z : FlashCardDatadefinitionsymbolsㅐ,ㅏ,ㅓ, ㅔAㅂBㅋ,ㅊCㄷDㅇ, ㅣ, ㅔ, ㅐEscrape lower lip with front teeth (no F in K-Alphabet)Fㄱ, ㅈGㅎHㅇ, ㅣ, ㅏㅣ,ㅓIㅈJㅋK애오 러어 ㅗ ㅛLㅁMㄴNㅗ ㅓ ㅏOㅍ ㅃPㅋQㄹ 아알 뤄 얼 열Rㅅ ㅆSㅌ ㄷTㅠ ㅜ ㅛ ㅓUScrape front teeth and bottom lipV더블유우 = ㅝW익ㅅ ㅈX이이 이 ㅛYVibrate G sound while top and bottom teeth are clenchedZㅂ ㄷ ㅈ ㄱ ㅃ ㄸ ㅉ ㄲ ㅍ ㅌ ㅊ ㅋ ㅅ ㅎ ㅆ ㅁ ㄴ ㅇ ㄹ19 K Consonantsㅣ ㅔ ㅚ ㅐ ㅏ ㅗ ㅜ ㅓ ㅡ ㅢ ㅖ ㅒ ㅑ ㅛ ㅠ ㅕ ㅟ ㅞ ㅙ ㅘ ㅝ21 K vowels
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    A =  makes the Korean sounds; Ah+ EE = eh, Ah, Uh, Uh+ee=EHㅐ,ㅏ,ㅓ, ㅔA
  3. 4
    B= makes the Korean Sound "Beuh"ㅂB
  4. 5
    C= makes the Korean Sounds "Keuh" and "CH"ㅋ,ㅊC
  5. 6
    D= makes the Korean sound "deuh" as in D sound in Door. ㄷD
  6. 7
    E= makes sounds; "ng", "E", "Uh+Ee=eh", "Ah+ee=Eh"ㅇ, ㅣ, ㅔ, ㅐE
  7. 8
    scrape lower lip with front teeth (no F in K-Alphabet)F
  8. 9
    G= makes "G" in Girl and "Ge" in George.ㄱ, ㅈG
  9. 10
    H= makes the "H" sound in Hat.ㅎH
  10. 11
    i = makes sounds; "ng", "ee", "ah-ee", "uh"ㅇ, ㅣ, ㅏㅣ,ㅓI
  11. 12
    J=makes "J" in "Jesus"ㅈJ
  12. 13
    K= makes the "K" sound in "Kramer"ㅋK
  13. 14
    L = makes sounds; "Eh-Oh", "Luh-UH", "Oh", and "Yoh"애오 러어 ㅗ ㅛL
  14. 15
    M= ㅁ= makes the sound "M" as in "Mouth"
  15. 16
    N = makes the sound "N" as in Noseㄴ
  16. 17
    Letter O makes three Korean Sounds; (ㅗ  as in Oh) , (ㅓ as in uh)  , (ㅏ as in AH)
  17. 18
    ㅍ as in "P" of Pizza,  ㅃ as in "accented Omlout double sound uniquely in Korean Vocab for the word ,Kissing, "Phoh-Phoh".
  18. 19
    Q makes the sound ,ㅋ, as in "K" sound.
  19. 20
    ㄹ as in R of Robot, 아알 as Ah-Are,  뤄  as in Ruh, 얼 as in Uh-UhLR, 열 as in YUH-UH-UHLR
  20. 21
    ㅅ as in School,  ㅆ as in Sun.
  21. 22
    ㅌ as in T of Toy,  ㄷ as in TH of The
  22. 23
    U makes the sounds;ㅠ as in U, ㅜ as in OOH,  ㅛ as in YOH,  ㅓas in UH
  23. 24
    Scrape front teeth and bottom lipV
  24. 25
    W makes the sounds ; 더블유우 as in DUH-V-YOO,  ㅝ as in WUH
  25. 26
    X makes the sounds; "익ㅅ as in EEHK-S" ,  "ㅈ as in  J in Juice"
  26. 27
    Y makes the sounds; 이이 long ee,  이  short e , ㅛ yoh.
  27. 28
    There's no Korean Consonant nor Vowel to spell English "Z"; Vibrate G sound while top and bottom teeth are clenched
  28. 29
    ㅂ ㄷ ㅈ ㄱ ㅃ ㄸ ㅉ ㄲ ㅍ ㅌ ㅊ ㅋ ㅅ ㅎ ㅆ ㅁ ㄴ ㅇ ㄹ19 K Consonants
  29. 30
    21 Korean VOWELS; ㅣ ㅔ ㅚ ㅐ ㅏ ㅗ ㅜ ㅓ ㅡ ㅢ ㅖ ㅒ ㅑ ㅛ ㅠ ㅕ ㅟ ㅞ ㅙ ㅘ ㅝ
  30. 31
    Snow – S in snow is not accented (School)ㅅ
  31. 32
    Sun ( Accented Double S)ㅆ
  32. 33
    Ph^oh – Ph^oh (aka Kiss) Pororo the Penguinㅃ
  33. 34
    Theu^h -Guh-Wuh-Yoh ( aka It’s Hot!)ㄸ
  34. 35
    Zhee^t^-Juh-Yoh ( aka Rip it!)ㅉ
  35. 36
    Khah^ng-Tohng ( Aluminum Can)ㄲ 까
  36. 37
    ㅊ ( used as Consonant sound of CH in CHew)ch
  37. 38
    ㅇ (if used as Consonant always in order 3)ng
  38. 39
    넓 r +b ( two letters combined to make the Consonant Sound in Order 3 )rb ( Sample of 4; 넓), N, Uh, R B.
  39. 40
    읽 r+g ( two letters combined to make the ONE Harmonious Consonant sound in Order 3)rg
  40. 41
    ㅇ (if used as CONSONANT placed in Order 1 that makes VOWEL sounds of 3 letters e in Cheese + y in shiny + i of IN )i
  41. 42
    Korean Characters are placed in minimum of TWO (ex 나 ) and maximum of # ? (ex 옴 ) placements to create a word; 옴 ( ㅇ ) ‘letter O’ is the Consonant on Order 1 ( ㅗ ) is a vowel sound ‘oh’ in Order 2b ( ㅁ) is the supporting Consonant in Order 3 ( # ? characters combined makes the ONE Harmonious Flat Sound ‘ Ohm’ ) order 1 + order 2b + order 3three (옴; i, oh, m)
  42. 43
    나 ( ㄴ) is the N sound of a Consonant placed on order1 and (ㅏ ) is the Ah sound of a Vowel in order 2a ( # ? characters combined make the one Flat Sound ‘NAH’ ) order 1 + order 2atwo
  43. 44
  44. 45
    ㅔ as in "UH+EE=EH" ( same sound as ㅐ aka Ah+Ee=Eh )Eh
  45. 46
    ㅚ as in "Oh+EE=WEH"weh
  46. 47
    ㅐ ( same sound as ㅔ )Eh
  47. 48
  48. 49
  49. 50
  50. 51
  51. 52
    ㅡ ( grunting sound made when punched on the tummy)euh
  52. 53
    ㅢ ( makes similar sounds euh or euhee )euhee
  53. 54
    yehㅖ  as in YUH+EE=YEH or ㅒas in YAH+EE=YEH
  54. 55
  55. 56
  56. 57
  57. 58
  58. 59
  59. 60
  60. 61
  61. 62
  62. 63
    J, / Geoㅈ
  63. 64
    Schoolㅅ ㄲ ㅜ ㅜ ㅗ
  64. 65
  65. 66
    Toyㅌ,ㅗ,이 이
  66. 67
  67. 68
    EnglishReading  language BunJee Jump modeled Sounds 1.up slow 2. Hold on top 3 Drops quickly to swing in mid air without hitting the ground – do not drop the last syllableKoreanReading ? language Sounds are FLAT and drops down at end
  68. 69
    Twirledㅌ,ㅝ,ㅓㄹ,ㅗ,*,ㄷ (note; * means ‘ no sound ‘)
  69. 70
    KoreanReading Korean language Sounds are FLAT and drops down at end
  70. 71
  71. 72
    VaseV,애 애,ㅆ , * (note; * means ‘ no sound ‘)
  72. 73
    Wineㅝ,아이,ㄴ, * (note; * means ‘ no sound ‘)
  73. 74
    adultsㅓ,ㄷ,ㅓ,ㅗ, (ㅌ silent 't') ,ㅅ
  74. 75
  75. 76
    xylophoneㅈ,ㅏ ㅣ,러,ㅓ,PH, ㅗ,ㄴ, * (note; * means ‘ no sound ‘)
  76. 77
    greatㄱ,뤄,애 애,ㅌ
  77. 78
  78. 79
  79. 80
    zorro“ㅈ”,ㅗ,ㅓㄹ ,뤄,ㅗ ( Character “ㅈ”-Clench teeth and vibrate letter G to get letter “Z” sound )
  80. 81
    Bridge- ㅂ (*뤄 ,ㅣ*) ㄷ ㅈ =(ㅂ, *뤼*, ㄷ, ㅈ) THIS is ??? Pronunciation Native English Pronunciation
  81. 82
    Bridge pronunciation; First part ( go up slowly and increase the sounds) ㅂ-뤼 Second part (hold the sound) ㄷ Third part ( drop the sound quickly, but swing it upward) ㅈ
  82. 83
    Pronunciation Konglish Pronunciation= Bridge= 브릿지 in Korean Native Pronunciation sounds "B-Rit-Jee";  While in English Sounds "B-RID-GEE" where B climbs up to "RID" and drops half way to "GEE".
  83. 84
  84. 85
    toyㅌ,ㅗ,이 이
  85. 86
  86. 87
  87. 88


  • 수어사전 재생 버튼
    ¶ 말만이라도 고맙다.
    조회 : 102,940
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    ¶ 나는 아기의 우는 모습조차도 귀여웠다.
    조회 : 58,955
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    ¶ 초보자치고는 괜찮은 솜씬데?
    조회 : 49,742
  • 수어사전 동영상수어사전 재생 버튼
    이상하다 [異常-]
    ¶ 기적을 보고 이상하게 여긴다.
    조회 : 14,024
  • 수어사전 동영상수어사전 재생 버튼
    간 [肝]
    조회 : 11,345
  • 수어사전 동영상수어사전 재생 버튼
    계정 [計定]
    ¶ 국세청은…○○상선에 대해

바이칼 호수 http://terms.naver.com/entry.nhn?docId=1837134&cid=43667&categoryId=43667

Ansan Bugok Presbyterian Church 
Worship with English interpretation every Sunday morning at 11:00 and evening at 7:30 p.m. followed by fellowship among foreign and English-speaking Korean members.

Int'l Lutheran Church, Seoul, Korea 726-39, Hannam 2-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-212 

(downtown Seoul near Chungbu Police Station) International Worship in English (IWE) has three services each week. Sunday at 10:00 AM (Service Building rm 504) and 3:00 PM (Mission Chapel) as well as Wednesday 8:00 PM 

Yoido Full Gospel Church 
Senior Pastor: Dr. Yonggi Cho. Service with simultaneous interpretation in English at 7 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Japanese and Chinese interpretation also provided at 9 and 11 a.m. 

Yongsan Baptist Church 
Sunday school at 9:45 a.m. and English-language worship service at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Nursery care available. Located near the Crown Hotel in Yongsan. Pastor Bill Ecton

Seoul International Baptist Church (SIBC) 
We are an English speaking church providing encouragement, Christian fellowship, and an emphasis on a real and growing relationship with God through His Son, Jesus. We believe that the Bible is God's Word and provides direction, advice, and strength for living. Come join us as together we discover God's great plans for each of our lives. Our worship service time is, Sunday at 11AM. Senior pastor is Dr. Dan Armistead.

English Sunday service at 11:20am in Westminster Hall, and Friday Bible study at 7:00pm in Rm 603. The church is easily accessible: by subway, Daechi station (line 3), or by taxi (across from well-known Eunma Apt). Led by Rev. Joshua Cho (expat Korean-American)

Worship with the English-speaking community: 9:30 a.m. Sunday school for all ages at 11 a.m. Located in Foreigner's Cemetery Park, north of the Yanghwa Bridge. An evangelical and international church.  Rev. Prince Charles.

Somang Presbyterian Church 
English-language worship service "Voice of Hope" at 2 p.m. Sundays. English sunday school from 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. at basement 3-1 of Missionary Hall. Preacher, pastor Robert von Oeyen. Located in Shinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu. 

Onnuri English Ministry at Yangjae 
Make us your home church away from home. 11 a.m. Service at the Onnuri Church Yangjae campus at Yangjae-dong 55, Seocho-gu, near Yangjae station (Line 3). Baby-sitting and Children's Sunday School provided. Pastor Leo Rhee

Daeduk Hanbit Presbyterian Church 
English Worship Service every Sunday at 12:15 p.m.

Christ Freedom Assembly Seoul 
(Pentecostal Int'l Church) Worship with us and experience God's transformation. English worship service: Sunday 10 a.m Wednesday 7:30 p.m: Bible Study Friday 8:30 p.m: Prayer Meeting with Rev. Bill O Joshua Ph.D Itaewon-dong 36-23 Behind Crown Hotel

Yongsan Chapel Community 
Mass at Memorial Chapel  at 5 p.m. Saturdays and noon Sundays. South Post Chapel Mass at 9 a.m. and Catholic religious education at 10 a.m. Sundays. Just a note that Mass times on post have changed. Mass on Sunday at South Post chapel is at 8 a.m. with religious education at 9:30 a.m.

Itaewon International Church 
Contemporary Christian worship services in English language are available for all foreigners. Mass in English at 8 p.m Thursdays. The Church is located in Itaewon on Bogwangdong-gil. Call Pastor Roger Kim 

Iyewon Church 
Mass in English at 3 p.m. Sundays. The Church is located in Deungchon-Dong, Gangseo-Gu. Call Ju, Dong Ho 

Shinil Church 
2:00 p.m. Sunday English worship service with fellowship
4:00 p.m. Sunday Bible Study
8:00 p.m. Wednesday night praise and prayer
7:30 p.m. Friday night get together
Located by Yaksu station on lines 3 & 6, exit 3, turn right at Hana Bank.
Contact: Pastor Terry Cobban 

Seventh-Day Adventist 
English language service at SDA Language Institute in the Seoul Adventist Hospital compound Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. (Sabbath School) and 11 a.m. (church service).Service is also provided at the 121st Evacuation Hospital Chapel in Yongsan.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
English-language worship service at the Cheongwoon-dong chapel  near the Chahamun Tunnel commencing with sacrament meeting at 12:30 p.m. Call Corey Turner 

The Community of JOY (in Daejeon City) 
Our ministry is to the English speaking persons living in Daejeon Metropolitan City and surrounding areas. Our Sunday morning worship begins at 10 a.m. in the Siloam Center (Chung Nam First Methodist Church.) The style of worship is contemporary. Immediately following the worship, we have a time of refreshment & Adult Bible study follows. We are located in Tanbang-dong, Seo-gu -- situated less than a kilometer from the Lotte Department Store. For more information, call the church office

Inter-denominational English language church for the international community in Incheon. Sunday services at 4.30pm in Jooan Methodist Church near to Jooan Station. Led by Pastor Stuart Read

Worldwide Community Church 
Location: Sam San Chil Dan Ji, Bupyeong Gu, Inchoen, close to Seoul and Bucheon. We welcome everyone to our English language service at 2:00 PM on Sundays. Everyone here is very friendly, and we want to meet you! Please visit our website for more info including directions

Roman Catholic
Myongdong Cathedral 
Weekday Mass in Korean at 6:30, 7 a.m. and 6, 6:30 p.m., Sunday Mass at 7, 9, 10 and 11 a.m., preceeded by confession in English. 

Seodaemun Catholic Church 
English Mass at 12:00 noon every Sunday. Seodaemun Catholic Church is located two blocks from Seodaemun Subway Station (line number 5) exit 2.

Hyewha-dong Catholic Church 
Tagalog Mass every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. for Filipinos.

Catholic International Parish of Seoul 
Celebrates Mass in the Franciscan Chapel at Hannam-dong across from Hannam Village Apts. Pastor Vipporio Di Nardo and the entire parish community welcome you to attend our weekly celebrations. English Mass by Father Paolo Sundays at 9 and 11 a.m.; French Mass by Father Durand Saturdays at 6 p.m.; German Mass by Father Wilhelm Schulte sundays at 10 a.m.; and Italian/Spanish Mass Sundays at 11 a.m. 

Songbuk-dong Church 
English Mass every Sunday at 10 a.m. H.O Choi

Yongsan Chapel Community 
Mass at Memorial Chapel5 p.m. Saturdays and noon Sundays. South Post Chapel Mass at 9 a.m. and Catholic religious education at 10 a.m. Sundays.Just a note that Mass times on post have changed. Mass on Sunday at South Post chapel is at 8am with religious education at 9:30am

Inchon Catholic International Community 
English Mass at 4 p.m. Sundays by Father Raymond T. Sabio at the Inchon Cathedral in Tap-dong, Inchon. Everyone welcomed. 

Ansan Won-gok Church 
English and Tagalog Mass at 3 p.m. Ilkun's House 

Suwon Godeung-dong Church 
English Mass at 4:30 p.m. for foreign workers. People of all nationalities are welcome. 

Songnam Songnam-dong Church 
Mass for foreign workers at 12:30 p.m. 

Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in Korea 
St.Nicholas Cathedral in Ahyon-Dong, Mapo, Seoul, Sundays and Feasts, Divine Liturgy in Korean at 10 a.m. St. Maxim Chapel, Divine Liturgy in Slavonic, 1st and 3rd Sunday, at 10 a.m.; 2nd Sunday in English, 4th Sunday in Greek. 

Annunciation Orthodox Church 
Located in Taechong-dong, Chung-gu, Pusan Divine Liturgy, at 10 a.m. Sundays and vespers at 5 p.m. Saturdays.

Jewish Services of EUSA 
On the South Post of the Eighth U.S. Army base in Yongsan, in the Jewish Activities Center Building 4100, Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.  Larry Rosenberg 


The Guiding Zen Master of Jungto Society Ven. Pomnyun Sunim is the founder and Guiding Zen Master of Jungto Society. He entered Buddhist Sangha as a novice guided by his teacher, Ven. Bulshim Domoon Sunim, at Boonwhangsa Temple, South Korea, in 1969, and was ordained a bhikku by his teacher in 1991. He is not only a Buddhist monk and Zen master but also a social activist who leads various movements such as ecological awareness campaign; promotion of human rights and world peace; and eradication of famine, disease, and illiteracy.   Venerable Pomnyun Sunim, a respected Buddhist monk and activist, began humanitarian assistance to North Korea immediately after the 1995 flood when the famine situation arose in 1995 and had published reports on the ‘North Korean Food Crisis’, ‘North Korean Refugees Situation’ and the ‘Comprehensive Reports on the Human Rights Issues in North Korea’. He is the chairman of The Peace Foundation in Seoul, which supports policy research and analysis aimed at Korean unification and humanitarian issues in North Korea. He concurrently serves as the chairman of Good Friends for Peace, Human Rights, and Refugee Issues, whose weekly publication “North Korea Today” provides detailed, up-to-date information about conditions on the ground in North Korea. Venerable Pomnyun is also chairman of the Join Together Society, an international relief agency with offices worldwide, including in North Korea. He has worked extensively to supply humanitarian aid to famine victims in North Korea and defend the human rights of North Korean refugees in China. He is also a Zen master with the Seoul-based JungTo Society, which he originally established in 1988 to facilitate self-improvement through volunteerism. Jungto Society’s motto is ‘Open Mind, Good Friends, and Clean Earth.’ Ven. Pomnyun Sunim has been advocating a new paradigm of civilization movement in which everyone is happy through practice, creates a happy society through active participation in social movements, and protects our environment and the Earth, the mother of all living things, through a simple life style. As part of the new paradigm movement, he founded Join Together Society in 1994 to eradicate famine in developing countries; Eco Buddha in 1994 to protect the environment; and Good Friends in 1999 to advocate human rights, help refugees, and promote world peace. He also established The Peace Foundation, a private research institute, in 2004, to bring permanent peace, stability, and unification to the Korean Peninsula. Through these organizations, he has devoted himself to advocating human rights, eradicating famine, disease, and illiteracy in many countries (Afghanistan, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and North Korea) and promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula. In recognition of his efforts to promote peace and human rights, the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Peace and International Understanding was granted to Ven. Pomnyun Sunim in September 2002. Ven. Pomnyun Sunim’s easy, clear, and insightful advice based on Buddha’s teachings shows us how to be happy and free in our daily life. His books and Dharma talks available in audio cassettes, CDs, video files on the website, and DVDs have had great appeal to many people.
Books (Korean) The Way to the Unification of the Korean Peninsula / The Harmony of Work and Buddhist Practice/ Looking for Happiness in the World – In Search of a Hopeful Paradigm for Society / New Leadership for Future Generation / Buddhism and Peace / Buddhism and Environment / Commentaries I and II on the Diamond Sutra / Commentary on the Heart Sutra / The Frog Jumped Out of a Well / A Treatise for Young Buddhist Practitioners / Buddha–The Life and Philosophy / Engaged Buddhism / Eastern Philosophy and Environmental Issues/ It’s OK to Make Mistakes / Wisdom for Marriage /  Wisdom for Mothers / Buddha – The Life and Philosophy / Prayer / The New Century / Enlightenment/ Lecture on The Diamond Sutra/ Wisdom for Life Books (English) True Happiness True Freedom True Wisdom Awards 1998 Kyobo Environmental Education Award, Korea 2000 Manhae Propagation Award, Korea 2002 Ramon Magsaysay Peace and International Understanding Award, Philippines 2006 DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Peace Prize, Gangwon Province, Korea. 2007 National Reconciliation and Cooperation Award, Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation, Korea 2011  POSCO Chungam Award, POSCO Chungam Foundation 2011  Reunification and Culture Award, Reunification and Culture Research Institute, Segye Daily
1585-16 Seocho3-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Lotus Lantern Int'l Buddhist Center 
Located in Sokyok-dong, Chongno-gu, the center offers Buddhism in English on Saturday at 5:30-7:00 p.m., Meditation on Thursdays at 7-8:30 p.m., and Sutra Class on Friday 

Seoul Central Masjid 
Juma Prayers in the Korean, Arabic and English languages at 1 p.m. Fridays. Weekdays five times daily - one hour and 20 minutes before sunrise, at 1 and 4 p.m., at sunset and one and a half hours after sunset - at the mosque in Hannam-dong, Yongsan.

Jehovah's Witnesses Seoul English Congregation 
Meetings on Friday at 7:30 - 9:15 p.m. and Sunday at 2-3:45 p.m. The Kingdom Hall is on the fifth floor of the Hannam Building above the International Clinic across Cheil Communications building.

Hinduism: ISKCON Seoul temple 
Darshan daily 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Aarti & kirtan, Sunday 2 p.m. to 8p.m. Bhagavd Gita classes in English, Hindhi, Korean followed by Maha Prasadam at Haebongchon (near Itaewon),

Pope Francis: 'Curse my mother, expect a punch' - BBC News


Making a point about freedom of expression, Pope Francis tells journalists on the papal plane that his assistant could expect a punch if he ''cursed his mother''. ... ''It's normal - you cannot provoke, youcannot insult the faith of others,'' he said.

Pope Francis: 'I'll PUNCH anyone who insults my mother' - Mirror Online

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Jan 15, 2015 - Pope Francis: 'I'll PUNCH anyone who insults my mother' ... “If anything should happen to me, I have told the Lord, I ask you only to give me the ...

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Pyeong Chang ( a= AH sounding in Korea) ParaOlympics/Olympics in Feb2018 Opening Ceremony;
Best watched with adblock extension on Chrome Browser or on Whale Browser


Pyeong Chang ( a= AH sounding in Korea) ParaOlympics/Olympics in Feb2018 Opening Ceremony;
Best watched with adblock extension on Chrome Browser or on Whale Browser

Jewish Autonomous Oblast - Wikipedia


The Jewish Autonomous Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous oblast) in the .... planted there by tsarist authorities, Koreans, Kazakhs, and a primitive tribe called the Tungus. ..... up ^ Michael Walsh George Koval: Atomic Spy Unmasked Smithsonian (magazine) May 2009; Jump up ^ Arthur Rosen, [www.

History of the Jews in South Korea - Wikipedia


The first sizable Jewish presence in Korea was during the Korean War, when hundreds of Jewishsoldiers participated in the American-led effort to repel a ...

Nicolas Trigault 
선교사 니콜라스 트리고[ Nicolas Trigault, 금니각( 갏 尼 閣), 1577~ 1628] 


네이버 책



책 본문

    • 「중국의 과학문명」본문 中 2 예수회 선교사의 활약 - 165페이지
      [과학/공학] 야부우치 기요시 저  전상운 역  민음사  1997.02.15.
      책도 편역되었다.17세기 초엽에 중국에서 선교했던 니콜라스트리고`Nicolas Trigault(金尼閣)는 한때 유럽에 돌아가서 중국에서의 선교에 대하여 설명하고 나서, 돌아오는 길에 7,000부에 달하는 유럽 서적을 가지고 왔다. 중국인...
    • 「인물과학사」본문 中 거중기 제작에 영향 미친... - 351페이지
      [과학/공학] 박성래 저  책과함께  2011.11.30.
      때마침 이미 중국에서 활동 중이던 예수회 선교사 니콜라스 트리고[ Nicolas Trigault, 금니각( 갏 尼 閣), 1577~ 1628] 가 과학자 자격이 있는 선교사를 중국에 데려가기 위해 유럽을 방문했다. 트리고는 프랑스 출신 선교사로...

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Nicolas Trigault (1577–1628) was a Walloon Jesuit, and a missionary in China. He was also known by his latinised name Trigautius or Trigaultius, and his ...
Life and work · ‎Publications · ‎See also · ‎References

Nicolas Trigault | Beyond Ricci


Image Credit: "Peter Paul Rubens: Portrait of Nicolas Trigault in Chinese Costume (1999.222)". In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan ...

Nicolas Trigault
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Looking East: Rubens's Encounter with Asia (Getty Center Exhibitions)

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Getty Center
Peter Paul Rubens's Man in Korean Costume has been considered noteworthy ... Portrait of Nicolas Trigault in Chinese Costume, 1617, Peter Paul Rubens.

Costume Drama: Rubens and Korea | ARTnews


Mar 6, 2013 - Peter Paul Rubens, Man in Korean Costume, ca. ... “Looking East” includes an image of missionary Nicolas Trigault wearing a similar, though ...

From the Land of Speculation | 'Looking East: Rubens's Encounter ...

The Wall Street Journal
Apr 2, 2013 - Along with other scholars, she links "Man in Korean Costume" instead to Rubens's portrayals of Nicolas Trigault and other Jesuit missionaries ...

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Nicolas Trigault (1577–1628) was a Walloon Jesuit, and a missionary in China. He was also known by his latinised name Trigautius or Trigaultius, and his ...

[PDF]Nicolas Trigault, SJ - Metropolitan Museum of Art


Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nicolas Trigault, SJ: A Portrait by Peter Paul Rubens. ANNE-MARIE LOGAN AND .... one the missionary is portrayed in Korean costume. Of the three Chinese ...

Peter Paul Rubens | Portrait of Nicolas Trigault in Chinese Costume ...


Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nicolas Trigault (1577–1628), depicted here in a luminous Chinese-style silk robe, was part of the Jesuit mission to China from 1610 until his death. Rubens ...

The Jesuit Nicolas Trigault in Chinese Costume | The Frick Collection


Frick Collection
This magnificent drawing represents Nicolas Trigault, a Flemish Jesuit missionary to ... His costume combines a Korean cap and the robe of a Chinese scholar, ...

Nicolas Trigault was a Walloon Jesuit, and a missionary in China. He was also known by his latinised name Trigautius or Trigaultius, and his Chinese name Jin Nige. Wikipedia
BornMarch 3, 1577, Douai, France
DiedNovember 14, 1628, Hangzhou, China/ JOSEON KOREA


나라 조,찌를 조 단어장 추가
1. 나라의 이름 2. 조나라(--) 3. 성()의 하나 4. 긴 모양 5. 걸음걸이의 느린 모양 6. 찌르다 7. 빠르다, 날쌔다 8. 흔들다 9. 땅을 파다 10. 작다 11. 넘다 

베풀 장 단어장 추가
1. 베풀다(일을 차리어 벌이다, 도와주어서 혜택을 받게 하다) 2. 어떤 일을 벌이다 3. 기세()가 오르다 4. 세게 하다, 성()하게 하다 5. 넓히다, 크게 하다 6. 크게 떠벌이다 7. 내밀다, 드러내다

오얏 리,오얏 이,성씨 리,성씨 이 단어장 추가
1. 오얏나무(자두나무) 2. 오얏(자두) 3. 심부름꾼 4. 다스리는 벼슬아치 5. 도리() 6. 별 이름 7. 옥관() 8. 성()의 하나

성씨 김,쇠 금 단어장 추가
1. 성()의 하나 a. 쇠 (금) b. 금 (금) c. 돈, 화폐() (금) d. 금나라(--) (금) e. 누른빛 (금) f. 귀하다(--) (금)

달 감 단어장 추가
1. 달다 2. 달게 여기다 3. 맛좋다 4. 익다 5. 만족하다(滿--) 6. 들어서 기분() 좋다 7. 느리다 8. 느슨하다 9. 간사하다(--: 거짓으로 남의 비위를 맞추는 태도가 있다)
높을 고 단어장 추가
1. 높다 2. 뛰어나다 3. 크다 4. 고상하다(--) 5. 존경하다(--) 6. 멀다 7. 깊다 8. 비싸다 9. 뽐내다 10. 높이, 고도() 11. 위, 윗 12. 높은 곳 13. 높은 자리 14. 위엄()

돌 석 단어장 추가
1. 돌 2. 섬(10말. 용량 단위) 3. 돌바늘 4. 돌비석(-) 5. 돌팔매 6. 숫돌(연장을 갈아 날을 세우는 데 쓰는 돌) 7. 무게의 단위() 8. 돌로 만든 악기() 9. 저울

쑥 애,다스릴 예 단어장 추가
1. 쑥, 약쑥 2. 미모() 3. 푸른빛 4. 늙은이 5. 햇수, 나이 6. 남색(: 비역. 사내끼리 성교하듯이 하는 짓) 7. 늙다 8. 다하다, 끝나다 9. 갚다, 보답하다(--) 10. 예쁘다

During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾 ), Shi (石), Gao (高), Gan (甘), Jin (金/), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙). Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold <Jin (金/)> and Stone(Shi (石)).

During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred eight surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai, Shi, Gao, Gan, Jin, Li,Zhang, and Zhao. By the beginning of the 20th century one of these Kaifeng clans, the Zhang, had largely converted to Islam.

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